Government Funding

Funding for Nursery Education Places for Two, Three and Four Year Olds

Free Early Education Entitlement (FEEE) provides all three and four-year olds with 15 hours free childcare funded by the government.  This is a universal offer with no eligibility to be met by the family.  As an Ofsted registered provider, we are able to receive the FEEE which is available to all children the term after their 3rd birthday up until school age.

In addition to the universal offer there is an extended offer, providing families a further 15 hours to total 30 hours FEEE.  This is subject to specific eligibility criteria.

FEEE is also available to some two-year olds.  This is a targeted offer that enables some families the opportunity to access education for their child from a younger.  There is specific eligibility criteria and an application process.  Being awarded FEEE2 provides the children with 15 hours free education.


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