Our Mission Statement

In a society where we are rushing around and have a lack of time and where, so often, children’s freedom is restricted, our mission is to provide children with the space and freedom to move freely between exciting, open ended play opportunities and to be given the time they deserve and need to learn, discover and have a go….

Since 2000, we’ve been listening to and engaging with the children, their families, our staffing teams and outside professionals.  Their knowledge, views, experience and interests have helped to create the eclectic mix of opportunities that perhaps Sandcastles is best known for.  With such firm foundations in place ensuring consistency in excellence, we’re in the enviable position of being able to incorporate the very best ideas from the research and trends that have come and sometimes gone over the years.

Sandcastles will continue to stay abreast of current thinking and adapt when appropriate to continue to ensure the children receive the very best start in their journey through life.

Recognising the important role our staffing team play and respecting and valuing everyone is at the heart of all that we do.  We aim for children to leave Sandcastles as confident, independent thinkers with high self-esteem, ready for the next stage of their learning journey.