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Annual Events

Sport’s Day

Sees the whole nursery coming together along with parents, carers, grandparents …. it’s a real social occasion! The children compete in running and novelty races and not only enjoy the event itself but also the lead up to it. It’s fantastic to witness the team spirit emerging within our Dolphin room and with some, a little competitive edge. It’s also wonderful to see a mass of smiling, proud adults who we know from all the feedback over the years, find this particular morning an absolute treat.

Family Barbecue

celebrates Sandcastle’s birthday and brings together our staffing team, parents and children in an informal gathering in the garden.  Hot dogs and burgers are on the menu and with so much fun for the children to have, there’s a rare opportunity for the adults to unwind, have a chat and enjoy the refreshments on offer.

Parents’ Evening

Is an important event even though your child’s individual profile is sent home for your perusal and input regularly and time is made for daily feedback. It is important because it allows for non-interrupted time with your child’s keyperson to discuss your child’s individual development generally and in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). Next steps are discussed, including how these can be supported at home ensuring continuity for your child. It also provides you with an opportunity to look around the whole setting, meet all our staffing members and learn more about how and what your child learns through the activities they engage in. Our staffing team find it helps in the forming of strong relationships with you in which information is shared freely.


is a magical time for children and Sandcastles embraces this and makes it a very special place to be. Most people living locally know us by our Christmas lights which transform Sandcastles into a scene from a chocolate box!  All our children and their families are invited to the ‘switching on’ of our lights which happen magically each year when the Christmas singing reaches the required noise level! All children within the setting have the opportunity to be involved in various Christmas events, some of which Parents/Carers are invited to. Our Christmas party rounds off our celebrations. After watching a magic show the children have a party lunch together and await a visit from Father Christmas. 

Many other festivals and themed days

are celebrated each year which can change depending on current events and the families using the nursery at any given time. We welcome outside visitors who come and share their professions, interests with the children and we take the children on many outings and visits encouraging learning through rich, first-hand experiences.

Family Stay and Plays

We invite family and friends in to various stay and play sessions which provides you with an opportunity to engage in play with your child.  Through this, you will learn how different activities support your child’s learning and gain ideas to support this at home.

Parent/Carer Workshops

We are always happy to facilitate workshops when there is a need.  We invite you to have a chat with us if you would like further information on any area eg. EYFS curriculum, behaviour management, nutrition etc.  As a staffing team, we are constantly learning and welcome all parent input which is reviewed to enable us to take our practice forward.


are supported as Sandcastles believes in helping those less fortunate than ourselves. We encourage and support children’s own views and wishes and help them to raise money for any worthwhile cause.

Sport’s Day

Parents’ Evening