Annual Events

Sport’s Day

All children at Sandcastles have the opportunity to partake in a sports day. For our younger children the event and the practising for this supports physical development and coordination and for our Preschool children encourages team skills, turn taking, and a little bit of competitiveness!

This event is used to promote relationships among families, team spirit and the amalgamation of pride that comes from both parents and staff.

Family Barbecue

celebrates Sandcastle’s birthday and brings together our staffing team, parents and children in an informal gathering in the garden.  Hot dogs and burgers are on the menu and with so much fun for the children to have, there’s a rare opportunity for the adults to unwind, have a chat and enjoy the refreshments on offer.

Parents’ Evening

Once a year we organise a parent evening to allow an out of hours, uninterrupted meeting with your child’s key person. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s development and how progression can be supported through next steps and home learning. It also provides parents with an opportunity to explore the setting and familiarise themselves with other members of staff, particularly supporting room to room transitions. Working with individual families, we also facilitate these during the day when necessary.


Christmas is a magical time for children and Sandcastles embraces this fully, making it a very special place to be.

The festivities begin with our famous transformation of our setting at the annual light switch on which all families are invited to. This then continues with various Christmas events some of which parents and carers are invited to for example, stay and plays where there are opportunities to engage in Christmas crafts and singing. Our members Christmas party rounds off our celebrations including a magician, party games, lunch and maybe a visit from a special someone! Shhhh!

Many other festivals and themed days

Many festivals and themed days are incorporated each year which can change depending on current events and the families using the nursery at any given time. We welcome outside visitors who come and share their professions, interests with the children and we take the children on many outings and visits encouraging learning through rich, first-hand experiences and engaging with their local community.

Family Stay and Plays

We invite family and friends in to various stay and play sessions which provides an opportunity to engage in play with your child.  Through this, you will learn how different activities support your child’s learning and gain ideas to support this at home.

Parent/Carer Workshops

We are always happy to facilitate workshops when there is a need.  We invite you to have a chat with us if you would like further information on any area eg. EYFS curriculum, behaviour management, nutrition etc.  As a staffing team, we are constantly learning and welcome all parent input which is reviewed to enable us to take our practice forward.


Charities are supported as at Sandcastles we believe in helping those less fortunate than ourselves. We encourage and support children’s own views and wishes and help them to raise money for any worthwhile cause.

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Sport’s Day

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Parents’ Evening

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