Seahorse Suite – 2-3 yrs

Our Seahorse suite caters for children aged from two to three years on a 1:4 ratio. Seahorses is in Sandcastles main building and comprises of a large room and a large covered outside area. The areas have been designed to promote learning for the children’s age and stage of development and supports all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS)

The Seahorse staffing team is led by a Head of Room and all members of the team receive specific training to care for and support young children.  Each staff member is allocated a group of key children, for whom they are their main caregiver, enabling each child to form strong attachments during all aspects of their day.

Building a strong relationship with parents is pivotal and we understand the trust that is needed in leaving your child with unfamiliar adults. Forming these relationships starts when you come to visit us, during which time we encourage you to ask questions and get a feel for who we are and what we do.

The Seahorses provision has been designed to support the EYFS creating firm foundations for your child’s learning and development. Whilst your child engages within the areas, the staff team’s interaction and engagement will support their growing self-awareness, independence and progression, tracking their development alongside the EYFS. This is documented using written observations, videos and photographs within their online learning journal.