Online Learning Journal

Our provision has been designed to support the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), creating firm foundations for your child’s learning and development. Whilst your child engages within the areas, the staff teams’ interaction and engagement supports their learning and tracks their development alongside the EYFS. This is documented using written observations, videos and photographs within their online learning journal.  Termly assessments are made and shared with you to discuss your child’s progress.

We use an online application called ‘Tapestry’ to record all children’s learning and development.  This can be added to a smart phone by downloading the Tapestry app enabling you to receive notifications when videos, photographs, observations and assessments have been added.  You can also add to their journal by uploading your own contributions and comments at your leisure, helping our team gain a deeper insight into each child’s interests, capabilities and achievements.


Please follow the link below to find out more about Tapestry