Children move rooms within Sandcastles which are age and developmentally appropriate for their individual needs. At the age of 4, children move on to school. These changes, along with starting at Sandcastles, are referred to as transitions.

At Sandcastles we support individuals with transitions throughout their early year’s journey. We work in close partnership with parent/carers from the first visit to our setting, when moving ‘up’ a room and when moving onto primary school. Along the way we meet individually with parents/carers to form trustworthy relationships and good communication channels, gathering and exchanging information that is used to support each child along each stage of their journey.

When joining Sandcastles we offer settling in sessions for the children and their parents/carers to familiarise themselves with the environment and our staffing team (and vice versa). When deemed beneficial, home visits are facilitated. At every transition stage the children have opportunities to have settling in sessions. As they move rooms their key person/buddy accompanies the child and spends time with them in the new environment.

There is a two-way flow of information with parents and / or carers and between providers, if a child is attending more than one setting.

As children move onto primary school, good communication links are nurtured with their prospective teachers by inviting them in to the setting to see the children in a familiar environment and by offering opportunities for the children to visit their school with their key person. Each child’s journey is unique and we work closely with families to meet individual needs, offering reassurance and continuity to make transitions a smooth process and a positive step.

[quote]Ofsted Report 2013

The nursery has extremely close links with local schools and arranges visits for the children to meet their new teachers.  Staff also plan activities, such as role play or dressing-up in uniforms to prepare children for the transfer to school.  Therefore, children confidently and seamlessly move onto the next phase in their education. [/quote]