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Dolphins – Pre-School

Our Dolphin team care and support children’s learning and development for children from 3 to school age on a ratio of 1:8.  The main Dolphin room is a large, open plan space which is linked to our Turtles Room via a creative area.  These 3 rooms provide space for an array of learning opportunities.  Our Turtle room gives access to our Preschool outside learning environment and beyond to our grass garden which is an oasis within Hadleigh and has to been seen!  Our practitioners deliver all  areas of learning within these areas, indoors and outdoors. The Dolphin’s routine and expectations continue to build on those fostered within Starfish and Seahorses.  The children have daily access to an array of resources and we encourage children to make their own choices to guide their own learning with the support from knowledgeable and responsive practitioners.  Within this rich learning environment, children have opportunities to find out about the world around them, take risks, practice ideas, problem solve, be imaginative, engage in role play, messy and creative play.

Ofsted Report 2013 Children thoroughly enjoy their time at nursery and rapidly develop the skills they need in readiness for starting school.  They quickly learn to link sounds to letters and older children proudly write their names on artwork or to display on their personal drawers.

Independence is encouraged in readiness for school. A report is prepared for each child/ family to give to their new teacher. Through support, teaching, trust, confidence and plenty of praise, children learn the routines and rules of the room and will often take a lead in this, encouraging others to share, looking out for each other, being helpers of the day and in time meeting their own personal hygiene needs, dressing themselves after weekly swimming lessons (if attending) and being able to put on their own shoes, socks, coats etc.  They learn to look after Sandcastle’s equipment and join in tidy up time using pictures and labels to know where things belong.  Through plenty of interaction children learn to share their thoughts and ideas and know that these will be listened to and valued. Our staff act as role models who value differences and take account of different needs and expectations.  Our aim is that all children enjoy their time with us and leave to go to school as happy, confident and sociable children. Additional Information Please ask our staff for information on:

  • Various Extra Curricular Activities
  • Government funding for 3 & 4 year olds
  • Links between settings and transitions to schools