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Supporting Communication

We offer a stimulating rich learning environment in which children can enjoy experimenting with and learning language. Our practitioners provide inviting activities, incorporating the children’s interests, supporting early language, extending children’s vocabulary, helping them become confident and skillful communicators. To support and promote the importance of communication we have various resources which we loan to parents.

Letters and Sounds

this is a programme that our practitioners deliver to children, laying a good foundation for communication, reading, writing and spelling. We support children’s speaking and listening skills through play based phonic activities, developing children’s abilities to discriminate and produce the sounds of speech.


is delivered throughout the setting within daily practice and through sing-sign along sessions. Makaton signing can help overcome speech difficulties and language barriers and is a way of communicating with each other having fun, enhancing children’s communication.

Ofsted Report 2013

Children with speech delay are supported effectively through the use of sign language.  All children learn to sign to meet their basic needs. Useful phrases, songs and rhymes and interesting activities are planned to encourage children to explore and match different sounds. 

Lending Library

Each room has their own special ‘Sandcastle’s book bags’.  We encourage children to choose a book to share with you at home or your child’s key person will send a book home which your child has shown an interest in or interacted with. Reading together and spending quality time at home sharing books supports children’s communication, listening and speaking skills and helps foster a love of books.

You are able to purchase your child their own book bag along with a Sandcastle’s uniform from www.embroiderydesignlimited.co.uk  info@embroiderydesignlimited.co.uk              Tel:  07884 230042