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Learning Outside

Grass garden

Our grass garden is a large spacious outdoor area, giving children the freedom to explore and be physically active with energetic play.   There are countless opportunities for child and adult led activities in this carefully adapted green space.  This space is overlooked by our Starfish room, through their floor to ceiling bay window, to integrate them with the older children.

Children’s development is extremely well supported through both indoor and outdoor experiences.  They really relish the opportunity to choose where they prefer to play.  The innovative and inspiring design of the outdoor area encourages children to extend their play using larger equipment and resources.                          Ofsted 2013


Our allotment areas provide children with first hand experiences of the natural world, growing their own produce, learning about their well-being and keeping healthy and experiencing the impact of the  weather and different seasons.

Jack and Jill’s Hill

Provides children with opportunities to be adventurous, with various physical challenges. Children move freely, having fun, negotiating space, supporting their movement with control in a range of ways, travelling around, under, over, balancing and exploring these sensations, learning about their own personal safety.

Sandfield and Water Exploration

These spacious areas, create opportunities for children to experiment, express and communicate their own ideas, making connections by ‘doing’, being imaginative, feeling a sense of pride in their own achievements.

Wheeled toy area

This space provides opportunities for energetic play, and physical challenges. It supports spatial awareness and co-ordination skills, practicing new and existing skills, building children’s confidence and independence.


Children have the opportunity to access their own secure outside area which is equipped with age appropriate resources.  From here they can see and interact with the older children in the setting.  They also access the main grass garden, giving plenty of rich learning opportunities.


Children access this stimulating outdoor area freely, where they can be active, noisy and messy, challenging themselves.  Within this outdoor environment children can be creative and curious, naturally questioning their surroundings.  The sand kitchen allows children to learn through role play, communicate and problem solve.